Sunday, September 6, 2009

Because I think they are cute!

Brody and Olivia at Anna's wedding... I love these kids! And Spence... Such a cutie!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're Alive!

Wow, I really have a hard time keeping this thing updated. So here is the latest! Brody and Olivia are getting so big! Olivia is finally walking around more on her own! It's so cute because her legs are so small compared to her long body, well short, but it's funny to watch. She also is a severe drama queen! I have never met a little woman before! She loves to love and loves to hate! And you know when you're the bad guy! But when it comes to her brother, you don't mess. She loves that guy more than anything. They are so great to each other! I wonder how long that will really last...
Brody has really had a great summer. Spencer's sister Anna is getting married in Aug. so the rush has been on to finish their backyard for the reception. Brody has been there the whole time to make sure he got his turn to manage the tractor. His Papa always lets him sit in there with him while he works and Brody has the best time. He is growing like a weed and is really starting to become a little more independent. Love my kids!
Spencer and I just got away for the weekend to the Zermatt Resort in Midway. I had no idea that it even existed. My dad really took care of us by giving us some vouchers so we got to stay for really cheap! It was nice to remember how much I really love Spencer. He is such a great husband. I love how much he loves the mountains. He is so sincere with his actions towards me and really makes me feel like a queen. Spencer, you're the best I could have asked for and I look forward to the many get aways we will have in the future together! I love you! It was fun to come home to the kids and hearing Brody say, "Mom, home!" Melts me heart!
Work for Spencer and I has been really crazy! I work 4 days a week at Reflectionz Salon and Spa in Alpine and REALLY love it there. I work with amazing people who really love each other. I love that I have made new friends that I will never forget. They are great examples on how we all should work together! I am so grateful for the day I walked in there! It's also that time of year again when I get to do something I love... Coed Softball! My brother and I coach a team every year and I love it! Spencer is actually going to take time out of his schedule to play with us this year. I am so excited! Let me know if there are any women that want to play... we can always use a backup!
Spencer's business is really starting to grow! I love listening to all the progress he is making! He always comes home at the end of the night excited to see what the next day will bring! Its going to be a slow but worthwhile process! Thanks for all your hard work!

We are so grateful for all of those who have helped us in any way!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

Olivia had her birthday on Sat. She is 1 and I can't believe it! She seems too small to me for being a 1 year old! Brody's birthday is today, and I'm not kidding, the terrible two kicked in right away! They had a birthday party yesterday at the park with all their family and had a blast with cup cakes and squirt guns, thanks Becky :) We also had some pictures done for their birthdays, but I only have a few ready, so here is a taste! Thanks to everyone who made our weekend a great one (or two)!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Liv's week

I know there are a lot of them, sorry. I just had a ton to choose from! And she is just so darn cute! Enjoy!

They had her dressed in the cutest little pj's.

This was right after she woke up. She was a sad little thing! But yet so good!

Going home about an hour after her surgery! That purple dino.... so funny...

She was so cute that afternoon! She was a little green between the eyes for a few days :)

Her and Brody after we took her bandage off. He was so intrigued.

Her hair was so funny.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Olivia's Surgery

So, Liv had her surgery on Monday of this past week and she did so great! We got to Primary Childrens at 6 am, can I tell you how hard that was for me, and she had a check up done to make sure she wasn't sick or anything before they put her under. She was good to go! We waited about an hour in this room with all these other kids that had things going on that morning as well. When they finally came to get her, my emotions got the best of me, but whats new. We got to walk with her down this LONG hallway, I really don't think it was that long but it seemed to be that way, then the Dr took her from me. I handed her her most favorite stuffed animal, which by the way is a purple dragon, and she rubbed her face in it and forgot all about me! I cried all the way to the waiting room! It was so hard to let my little baby go and not know EXACTLY what was going on in that room! We waited about an hour or so then a call came into the room. The lady at the desk asked us to sit in a private room so the Dr could come talk to us. I was so scared! All the other parents waiting had their Dr talk to them right in front of everyone. We waited about ten minutes then he finally came in. Turns out he just doesn't like to share your news with everyone else! He told us that what they removed from her head was a hemangioma tumor. Its a cluster of veins that can grow very rapidly, which happened to her. He took out all that he could see, but there is a small possibility of it growing back. It also left a depression on her head so we have had to keep her all wrapped up this past week so it doesn't fill up with fluids. She was really cute with her bandages! For just having surgery she was pretty happy! I am so grateful for all of you who kept us in your prayers! She is doing great and I can't wait to see my sweet little Liv with a new look! I can't get my photos to upload, but I will get them on here asap! They are so funny!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whats new?

So, here is what has been going on in our lives. Olivia is nine months old! She is actually starting to get a little bigger :). We had her nine month check up and she is doing ok. Her iron is low and she is kind of yellow, but we really won't know for sure what is causing it until we have her surgery. They are going to be removing a lump on her forhead above her left eye on Feb 23. Then they will do some labs on it to determine what it is exactly. It may be causing her to be having these other problems. So we will find out soon! She is so cute though. She is going through this weird phase where she is making incredible faces, as shown! She is crawling around like crazy and finally sitting up on her own. She is such a mommy's girl!

Brody is also doing well. He is 21 months old! Its crazy how fast they grow up. He is talking so much! It is so weird how one day they can just put sentences together. He is getting so big I can't keep up! His new thing lately is he can jump and get BOTH feet off the ground! He also loves the progressive commercials, I have no idea why, but he laughs every time. As he gets older he is really letting his personality show. He is so special.

As for Spencer and I, we are just tring to be the best parents we can. I am working at a salon in Saratoga Springs a few nights a weeks and Saturdays. I really love it! I didn't think I would ever love going to work. It's so fun! Spencer is working for a company called Visual Creative Media, digital advertising, and it is really starting to pick up. I am so proud of him. He is trying so hard to make it so I don't have to work. But after being at the salon, I don't think I will quit when I can :) Hopefully I can get myself to start doing this more often!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thank You.

We will always remember this Christmas, thanks to everyone around us for all your generosity. God bless you all.